Psychobiology, Veterinarian, Psychopedagogy


The communication between animal patient, owner and veterinarian proves to be a point of outstanding importance, which can influence many real developments that affect the general quality of all involved. A relatively high risk of interaction was described between veterinarians, which produced impacts on the relationship of these mentioned individuals, demonstrating how important the study and comprehensive research is to prevent certain relationships that influence the professional action of the veterinarian, the guardian, and the main individual, which is the animal patient. Seeking to elucidate these aspects, this article explains, in the light of psychobiology and psychopedagogy, factors such as perceived stress, anxiety, depression, emotional suffering, emotional exhaustion, personal fulfillment, secondary traumatic stress and satisfaction through compassion, looking for associations between satisfaction of the client and measures of welfare of the veterinarians, under the action of the treatment of the animal patients. The need for greater attention to this topic, so important and so present in the life of the veterinary medical professional, is highlighted.


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Gil Dutra Furtado, Maurício de Nassau University Center

Maurício de Nassau University Center, João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil


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